Few Constants Part 1

Something I’ve learned lately is that no matter how difficult your life gets, there really are a few things you can count on.
I would say people, but you already know that’s not entirely true lol.
So I thought I would dedicate this post to the near and dearest things to my heart. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share your opinion too!
(pics are links 😉

Exhibit A.) chocolate: a woman’s favorite drug of choice…

Exhibit B.) Books-particularly paranormal and fantastical romances!
Exhibit C.)  Roswell will always be my favorite TV show (and the best IMO)
D.) Willy Wonka continues to frighten little children

E.) That Vampire Diaries will return for another season! Woot!
F.) Hobbits will always populate Middle Earth

G.) One day, machines will take over the planet!

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