4 a.m. and I’m still Awake…

So you might be asking yourself, if you bother to glance at the time I wrote this, why am I still awake at 3:55am, after a long day of working with children??? I could ask myself the same thing. I had planned for a night on the town and instead took a nap and played some Donkey Kong Wii with my roommate.

Though in my defense, I did write for an hour before hanging out with aforementioned roomie!

My dilemma is easy to explain of course. I’m a writer. We can take it a step further as I’ll confess to you I’m also a night-owl. Therefore, nothing decent comes out of me until after ten p.m, as a general rule. I would love to say I was one of those chameleon writers, able to write late or early as I needed to and still get the job done. But I started this bad habit in Jr. High, when I decided to write “real” stories, and as you know, a bad habit is almost impossible to break.

Qeya isn’t going to be a story I’m best known for, I’m convinced. After all, it’s just a YA sci-fi novella and there’s no way it could impact anyone, except make them want to fight some slimy aliens, maybe.

Anyways, my editor Jessica thought she was finished editing my work, but left all sorts of lovely suggestions for “meating” the story up. So as I went back through and tried to implement these changes, I started seeing more of the story in my head and just went with it. Trouble with letting your muse take off like that is it’s not always possible to put on the breaks.

Next thing I know I’m having to make a four part story eight parts. And while I fully believe this version is better (lots more battles and whatnot) I couldn’t seem to stop until just now, before starting this blog post.

See peeps I’m trying to follow my own advice and be dedicated! As I told a new friend recently, I’d rather have an inspirational overflow than writer’s block.

So I hope everyone decides to give Qeya a try once I repub it!

I’m putting updates on my Heaven’s Edge page so keep an eye out. The new, longer, action packed edition should be out by next weekend!

Meantime, everyone get some sleep. If you’re still up at four in the morning, just remember how tired you’re gonna feel in a few short hours 😉 Then again, if you’re one of the lucky few who get to sleep in, do me a favor. Wear your P.J’s all day and watch some retro 80’s flicks. 😉

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