Okay, I’m determined to “get in there” for real tonight. Sometimes I jump between reality and the book world. If you write you know what I mean. Or if you obsess over anything you might also understand.

I spent a week or so dealing with real world things and am seriously going to reevaluate a few things in my life. Sometimes I feel like I get so wrapped up in writing that I forget the people around me. It’s good to remember them, you know, your most loyal fan base back in the stands. In other words, don’t forget to put down the fake world and skinny dip in the real one.

Now that I’ve dunked a few times I’m ready to crawl back into my stories and characters. Crossing my fingers and hoping I can write at that fabulous “cheetah speed” tonight.

Remember what you love doing most, that thing that makes you tick, and do it already!

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