What Not to Do

I have recently learned, through the lovely advice of a good friend of mine, what not to do when you’re trying to write your own e-book. I thought I’d share a few of these true tidbits with you and add a couple of my own for fun.

  1. Indies don’t always realize their work isn’t as good as they think. Sad, but true!
  2. Indies don’t always try to make their books BETTER. It’s easy to just throw something out there without giving it your all.
  3. Indies don’t always hire an editor: unless you are one yourself, do everyone a favor and invest in one of these! Here’s mine 😉
  4. Indies’ don’t always fight the impulse to respond to their reviews. Just don’t respond period, unless it’s to a private message. You’ll look more professional.
  5. Indie’s don’t always realize that while .99 novels are amazing deals, they’re not always the best way to garner respect. (or a profit)

These are but a few hard-earned life lessons 😉

Don’t make the same mistakes we have! The best way I’ve been trying to avoid making more is to do my research. There are always places like kindleboards where you can learn the ropes. It’s a competitive, brass tacks world out there. We survive because we help carry each other. 🙂

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