Teaser # 1

If you read my blog then you got to see a teaser from my upcoming novella Qeya.

I thought I’d post a different one here, because y’all are my favorites 😉 Enjoy one of my favorite scenes! And stay tuned for more.

And yes, I will let y’all know when the book is officially republished!

Leaving the observation port behind, I walked the circular hallway towards the combat ring. Personal quarters hugged the ship’s hull to my right, the center of second deck to the left. The few children scurrying through this corridor were either headed to their work consoles for a final glance at the histories or bed. Cerulean blue eyes, almost black-green hair, brown and peachy skins and silvery gills, I knew each and every face, knew what they were feeling just by a gentle brush of my budding sixth sense. I had not told anyone else the possibility I had already ascended before my time. My father’s sister, the true Orona before her death, had told me I was the strongest of our age. I took her word to heart because her gift had been prophecy. If only she had used her gift to stay alive.

“Qeya! Where are you rushing to?”

The identical faces of Gem and Menai popped out of the grease work and placed themselves purposefully in my way. Schooling a patient smile onto my features, I tried to channel my water as mother liked to call it.

“Ahoy, boys! The same place I rush every evening. How can I be of help?” When they grinned mischievously at one another, I knew I was about to regret offering.

“Oh, it is nothing, Queen of our hearts,” Gem answered with a nod to his brother.

“We just wanted to rush along with you.” Menai smiled cheekily, spreading his hand to our spacious prison.

“Especially since you have the highest connections,” Gem added.

“And can swim away,” Menai finished.

“You know I’m headed up to top deck, don’t you?”

“Naturally,” the twins answered in unison. Staring them down I closely watched for any signs of treachery.

Gem was taller than his brother by a hair, or rather his full head of blue-black hair. Menai had shaved his off save a single spiked strip down the middle of his skull. Gem thought it would be hilarious to shear his brother’s fine hair off while he was sleeping. Ever since then Menai decided he actually preferred the Mohawk. Both had inherited their mother’s Western Continent coloring, a blend of pearly white and sea grass green that set their bold sea-colored eyes off handsomely. And since they had grown old enough to realize this, they had become a pair of pre-pubescent manipulating terrors.

My clear inner eyelids shut out of reflex rather than need, a telltale twitch of mine whenever I feel really boiled. The twins flanked my sides as I attempted to walk ahead and check on the others. “I hope this isn’t another pitiful attempt at getting me to sneak you two on third deck again.”

“Oh no!”

“Leviathan be diced!”



I brushed them aside. “Try my brother again. He’s better at getting out of trouble. And you will get him in trouble, you know. Just like the last time you flooded the kitchens.”

“An accident!”

“Stupid miner’s fault anyway!”

Silencing them with a warning wave of my hand just above their faces, I turned to the huddle sifting diligently through stacks of keypads.

“Everyone floating along?” Seven pairs of youthful eyes glanced wearily up to mine as they answered.

“Aye, Qeya.” Mora with her spiked purple hair and tiny frame piped up. Glancing at the black-haired boys on either side of her, she nudged them with her elbows. Both perked up immediately. “Aye, Qeya.”

Mora and I winked at one another. She was the oldest of her class and the younger sibling of the twins.

Nodding, I clapped the shoulders of either twin and smiled. “Your second year can be most trying. Fortunately, Gem and Menai have volunteered to help you get back on your star legs, right boys?” If they had done anything but grin in reply they would both have lost face. Image meant almost as much to them as the forbidden, the first being essential in their efforts to attain the second. Several of the other girls blushed and exchanged eager grins at the idea of the handsome twins tutoring them.

Both adolescents grumbled beneath their breath, though, and I was almost unable to suppress my smile as I left them all behind.

“Carry on, mates.”


Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned here or at my blog for further updates matey 😉


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