Heaven’s Edge Updates

The first book I self-published was a novella called Qeya, A Heaven's Edge Novella. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, here's a quick synopsis: Qeya has spent her life set to drift on heaven’s edge. Being Royal means more than being groomed to rule her home planet. She may only be... Continue Reading →

Teaser # 2

As I'm wrapping up "post-production" of Qeya, I thought I'd give y'all another teaser trailer. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned because the new edition will be available by this coming Saturday. Once again, if you want to read more, check out my blog, where I'm posting an entirely different set. 😉   “So now I’ve... Continue Reading →

Teaser # 1

If you read my blog then you got to see a teaser from my upcoming novella Qeya. I thought I'd post a different one here, because y'all are my favorites 😉 Enjoy one of my favorite scenes! And stay tuned for more. And yes, I will let y'all know when the book is officially republished! Leaving the... Continue Reading →


So I discovered Amazon Kindle about five months ago. Soon after I published my first novella, "Qeya" and quickly realized that this simple process of self-publishing was a lot more than met the eye. I'm thinking I should just write a book about learning the ropes of becoming an Indie. Lol Shame it's probably already... Continue Reading →

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