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Najla Qamber Designs: Last blast of covers!: Here are the last blast of covers I’ve made in the last few months. Enjoy!  Qeya is more like a collaboration between me and Jenn…

Up above you’ll find the link to my cover designer, Najla Qamber, who is not only an amazing artist, but a good friend of mine. 🙂

She recently posted our covers and I had one of those giddy author moments. Just because someone else was posting about my books besides me haha.

Apparently, her work was also featured in a magazine article from Bahrain. How awesome is that? Not just that she is finally getting the recognition she deserves, but that all of her clients got a tiny moment to share her lime light ;).

I’ve been very blessed to find her. She was literally the first person I contacted about helping me with my cover art, no joke. And since then I’ve never once regretted taking her on, as much as I’m ever grateful for her giving me a chance too.

Cover art gets looked over often, even though it’s a lot of times what draws us into a book. Good cover art ain’t always synonymous with good writing. After all a cover artist can be hired too, just for a paycheck. It’s the rare gems like Naj that go a step beyond.

I found her through Deviantart, a fun Indie Art site. She rarely goes on there anymore I found out later, but I’m very glad she occasionally still does!

You can find the link to her portfolio on her website in the link above.

Good cover artists are out there, and I highly recommend them, for while it’s easier and cheaper to do it yourself, you’re investing a lot more when you chance the risk. When you see your work coupled with other, popular novels, you certainly won’t regret it. 🙂

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