Lately I’ve been seeking and praying about that next step. Usually when I talk about this I mention my books or writing, but this time I’m talking about some life changes. I’m in my mid-twenties, a time when most people are already on the road to where they want to be, or have arrived. A lot of my friends, if they aren’t soon-to-be married, already got hitched and have 2.1 kids.

Being the baby of my family and the only girl under three brothers has given me a more relaxed yet also cautious attitude about life. I love people and making connections, but I also am wary about jumping into things without prayer, because I’ve watched the errors of my brothers. I’ve also seen them come into success in their thirties and am extremely proud for them. Being the baby also means I have a bit greater pressure to measure up. Everyone always had an idea bout what I should do, which educational or career direction I should take.

Lots of brotherly love in my home! Which meant lots of video game and movie marathons, lots of football and baseball, fishing and getting tickled to death as a kid.

So it’s been interesting, coming through three different schools and only recently finding my passion and ambition. I love writing, but I’m also open to whatever doors God unlocks in the coming months/years.

Overall I’m not worried about the future because I’m still seeking, praying and waiting to see what that next bend around the road will be.

Life is charged full of experiences and the bravest are the ones who are willing to face the change, head high. I’ll do my best with a smile on my face. 🙂

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