Beginning of the End

So I’m almost done with Silver Hollow! Yay! (“And there was much rejoicing!”-Monty Python 😉

I’ve got about thirty or so pages to revise for the complete second draft. Then this week I’m reading through everything one last time before submitting it for editing. I wouldn’t have even made it this far without the support and fabulous revising done by Allison. That girl is a genius when it comes to the flow of the story, etc. She’s a schoolteacher and an avid reader, not an editor. But to me she’s just as good as an editor lol. She certainly has put up with more than most editors would I think.

But, I digress…

Like I said, I’m nearly done with Silver Hollow. It’s all but there, except those last few chapters and an epilogue I’ve already written. The trouble is, in changing a few things, I’ve also changed the feel of the book at this point. Somehow I need to convey the heaviness of Amie’s burdens, while imbuing the novel with a sense of hope in the end.

So it sounds simple enough right?

For some reason, I’m finding these last thirty or so pages to be the hardest ones I’ve written out of the whole book. I feel like I’m in the midst of the battle with my characters lol, trying to find a way out.

I’ve heard that with writer’s block the best thing you can do is work through it, write on something else perhaps. But really, even if you are only writing sentences at a time, it’s still better to stick to the story and let it flow how it wants to.

Sigh…so now that I’ve vented a little, it’s back to the grind 😉

Thanks for lending an “eye” and wish me luck! Send a prayer too, if you don’t mind. Could use all the help I can get!


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