________ Mondays!

So obviously I’m still learning the ropes around blog space. I realized belatedly that my Mondays and Fridays meme’s were too similar, so let’s try this again. I still want to call it ______ Mondays because now it’s just funny to me.

Rules are the same. You comment and link to one thing that you’ve discovered recently, be it a video a picture or whatever. Have fun! I know I will even if I’m the only one lol This is different from the fun favorites of Friday because you have to think a little more with this one. You can brag about a book you’ve read, a website or product, whatever.

Ready? Set? Go!

Fairy-tale Reruns

So I’m a sucker for fairy-tale retellings. We’ve been seeing it everywhere, from “Once Upon a Time” & “Grim” on tv, to Mirror, Mirror and SW&tH in theaters. I think this growing trend into fantasy has been largely due to the powerhouse old time themes we find in those old stories. Some of the originals are downright creepy. Still others are lots of fun. 
So my mash up for today is a little expose on some the fairy tale theme. 
Here’s a few of my fav FT-retellings:
the lesser known Goose Girl
bestSnowWhite retelling ever lol
Beauty & the Beast
and there’s a new Snow White retelling coming soon from Krystle Jones called: A White So Red.
Now do I think the fairy tale genre might be a little overdone by this point? Probably. But fairy tales are some of the oldest stories we have. They were orally passed down for generations before put to paper. And their themes have lasted through time (though the feminism phenomenon has changed the princess role lol).
So I tend to think there’s a reason they’ve lasted as long as they have. Awesome thing is they’ll probably still be telling the classics to our children’s children. 

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