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Sorry that I’ve been remiss with this site and my updates. Just another example of my inability to fully juggle multiple things at once lol. And here I thought we women were like, built-in natural multitaskers??? 

Anyways, I digress. I suppose I should update a little bit about what’s been going on in my writing life. 

I’ve been reading a ton. I say that with italics because it’s how I feel, so stop glaring at me you grammar and literary snobs! In blogs we should be able to say what we want anyway. I digress. 

Couple of recent great reads are form two great series.

ImageThe first is the latest in Saga Berg’s “Nordic Fairies” novella series. These books are incredibly short but never fail to impress me by the power punch each episode delivers. They’re a fun light read that keeps you anxious for the next. This last time I was so anxious I ignored my other official reads to swallow it whole in one night. Wasn’t disappointed.

ImageThe other was from Tammy Blackwell’s “Timber Wolves Trilogy,” with the third book being IMO the best in the series. This woman knows how to write NA teens in a way I’ve never seen the equal of out there. Not only does she obviously have fun writing them, but the characters and readers do as well. Pick this series up because you won’t be disappointed. She just might be my new favorite for a few obvious reasons. 

A. she’s not afraid to make her characters act like real people, aka: make mistakes/fall in love in a realistic way

B. she’s not afraid to kill off important characters you thought should have ended the series. Instead she picks you and her heroine back up again and carries on. And the end result is far better than anything you could have imagined.

C. she is one of the best “geek reference” writes I’ve ever seen. Her “Firefly” comment was probably a favorite personal moment of mine. Read and you’ll see 😉

Really do I need to give you more than three points?

On the side, I’m reading a novel called “The Seventh Blessing” by Melissa Buell. It’s a really fun princess story that has echoes of Gail Carson Levine, another childhood/teen fav of mine. Not to mention the other books I’ve got on me “to-do” list lol. 

Now don’t worry. I’ve still found plenty of time to write and pick up my soon to be all-consuming projects. For starters there’s this love story I’m wanting to polish up and publish sometime this next month if possible. Then there’s Ohre, sequel to Qeya. And the third is a bigger project I had started years ago that I’m picking up again now that I’ve got a kick ace cover for it. 

So now that I’ve been seeking to promote the published Qeya, and Silver Hollow is currently in my editor’s hands, my friends joked that I’d have nothing to do with my time now. I promptly burst that bubble when I listed off the minimum three projects lined up for this fall. See? A writer’s work is never done, sigh…

Just kidding, I live for it and you know it 😉

So as I’m writing, reading, networking and trying to have some semblance of a life, feel free to tell your friends and family about my books! I’m not out to make a million bucks just yet, but I’d love for people to read my babies. If nothing other than the satisfaction I get knowing you too are sharing in the characters’ adventures. 🙂

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