Teaser Tuesday!

Here’s the latest from my little workshop 😉

“I think you should let him play his instrument.” I simply stated. The answer seemed so obvious I wondered that he hadn’t seen it.
Bryan fought a grin before saying, “Oh you do, huh? You’ve figured him out already, after only spending three days holed up in that rat’s nest of his?”
I frowned, not appreciating his tone, yet not fully comprehending his meaning. “I am not well versed in this way of speech. You people always say things you do not mean. But I speak the truth.”
Not all the time, though, do you princess perfect?Bryan observed me from over the rim of his glass before leaning forward on the bar and saying, “I like you, kid. Tell you what, you manage to convince my little cousin to get on that stage, I’ll make sure he has a spot tomorrow night. We got a deal?”
I wanted to laugh at him for calling me a child. Being an immortal made everyone presently alive on this earth a child to me. But I could just picture Cain on that stage, fingers primed on the strings and that special look on his face.  The one he had when I caught him playing the night before, because of me. Knowing what I planned to do to him and Lissa, I wanted him to have this happiness.
Perhaps this will be enough?I knew I was fooling myself. But what else could I do but try? So I accepted Bryan’s proffered hand and returned his smile. “The deal is struck.”

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