Teaser Tuesdays!

I suppose this is technically cheating since It’ s 1:04 A.M of Tuesday morning and most of you are asleep. But this time, unfortunately happens to be the best time for me to write. Today I’m working on finishing up last revisions on Silver Hollow. I’ve learned a lot about “dangling modifiers” thanks to RJ lol. She’s a trooper for plunging through the mess of my second draft. Anyhow, here’s a sampling of some awesome teamwork. 😀

The male was gripping the knife stuck in his belly, his frosted appearance only turning paler by the second as he sank to the earth. “Bloody nixed blade,” he gasped with a cackle.

“Who are you working for?” Faye shouted, throwing the Unseelie over his fallen soldiers. Instead of waiting for the male to speak, she screamed louder this time, red crackles of dark energy piercing his flesh. “And don’t give me some filsh about us being on the same side!” Pulling her dagger from his belly so the blood could freely flow, she quickly returned it to the outer edges of the wound and began to press it slightly within.

Amie couldn’t bear to hear his screams. “Faye! Stop, he can’t hurt anyone anymore!” Dearg held her back when she tried to reach and grab the dagger from her friend’s hand.

Faye laughed bitterly, never looking up from her prey. “You don’t know what they do, Amie. There never will be an end to his kind of evil. Good people don’t threaten other people’s families!”

“But aren’t you the one who said not all Unseelie are bad, just like not all Seelie are good? Faye, please! No more killing tonight. I can’t stand it anymore!” She sank into Dearg’s arms, eyeing the house, and wondered again if Henry made it unscathed.

Faye at last lifted her chin to face her, and something softened in her eyes. The Unseelie shouldn’t have interrupted his only chance.

“You’ll never guess what we did to your sister.” the-snow skinned male cackled, choking on its own blue colored blood even as her dagger was pressed to its throat.

Faye’s eyes glowed like twin coals amid dying flames. “How do you know about her?” Crawling almost on top of the other Unseelie, she pressed her other blade so tightly to his throat, Amie was certain he would bleed at any moment.

The Unseelie’s smile was manic, his laughter growing as if she had said something particularly gleeful. “We know everything, Fayelyn Gomora, about you and your pathetic clan. Don’t you want to know?”

“Know what? You’re supposed to have all the answers, right?” Faye’s thin tone could have cut through ice.
Amie cringed seeing her friend like this, a wholly alien version of the person she thought she knew best. But was this because of what happened to Jo? Or had it been there all along, the assassins she and Jo were trained to be?
“Want to know what we did to her? It’s got to be killing you, wondering how she died.”

The Unseelie couldn’t laugh after Faye removed his ability to speak.

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