Tour Stop #8

Some of my personal fav character quotes:

Rachel Elisedd Underhill: Underhill rounded on Amie the moment the dining hall door was shut. Grasping her white-capped hair the maid blew air into her cheeks until her round face looked red as a beet. “Ooh, I could just—the nerve of that wench, prancing about as if she was mistress of Wenderdowne!” The last, she said with a pointed look at Amie. Moving her hands to her face she groaned, “And ye just had to wear that charlatans’ rag! I told Henry not to leave ye to yer own devices. Ye be positively unchangeable as a human.” She sighed, but smirked, tapping her finger to her chin reflectively. “Twas delightful, though, seeing you make her squirm!”

Morcant Hogswillow: Morcant answered for him, of course, after another squeeze of her uncle’s arm. “Why it is customary for young ladies of certain breeding, to come out in society. The others were scandalized to learn your uncle has been keeping you here, locked away all these years! And to think, this is the reason you’ve not allowed me to host a party since Drustan left!”

“Humans are a lesser kind, their lives like the flowers of the field that wither and fade with time. Our lives are everlasting. So you see, Jessamiene, you must consider yourself blessed to have been born to such a noble house…” Her full painted ruby lips twisted into a tight grin and a touch of danger flashed through her eyes.

Alastair/Cook Dearborn: For a long moment Alastair pondered. “Dashed if I know all the nips and tucks of it, but tis for certain the Wenderdowne’s are right there in the mix of the dough.” When her stomach loudly grumbled, Cook nodded to the back of the bench behind them. “Dredge up that basket there. Thought that fool of a feather would forget to feed you.”

If you have any favorites, feel free to share 😀

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