Trials and Heartache

My family is going through a difficult situation right now and could really use your prayers, or well wishes if you don’t pray. But prayers are most favored! Anywho, it’s had me thinking lately about my writer’s block and writing in general when faced with personal struggle and tragedy.

The things that potentially break us often turn into the things that make us. They give us a reason to start afresh. They remind us why life is so important and fragile. And they remind us to never give up. I’m learning a lot about faith all over again and why my family means so much to me. It’s so rare these days to have a family you can count on and I’m immeasurably blessed, lucky, fortunate, gifted with mine.

And ironically enough, I’ve suffered some temporary writer’s block in the last couple of weeks. It was almost like I knew something intense was about to happen. And the good that has come out of this, besides some intense personal reflection, has been a lot of re-prioritizing. It has taught me not only what is important, but got my mind, heart and spirit back in sync again. And in the midst of everything, all the craziness, I picked a different manuscript file and started typing. The words started pouring out and my block was cured.

But not because I did it myself. It was a God driven thing, I believe, and a reminder that as much as what I and others have is a true gift, I didn’t come by it naturally. It was given to me. And you don’t start claiming credit for something you didn’t create yourself. So I feel like I should give credit tonight for the creator of everything. Because without His inspiration and His greater gift, I wouldn’t have anything, including this family.

Hope and pray everyone is doing well and at a good place. And thanks in advance for sharing this hard moment with me and the fam.

Loves to you all!



“What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if all you have is from God, why boast as though you have accomplished something on your own?”- 1 corinthians 4:7

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