“Untrivial” Things

I made a promise recently to only post things on this site that are honest. So here goes. This year has been insane. Any of you who know me well personally can attest to some of the madness that has been my life. Some of it I brought onto myself, like the getting married bit... Continue Reading →

Let It Be

I have not done very much updating here lately. That was in part due to our loverly company we've had staying with us the last two weeks. But it was also in part because I've had some tough health issues the last couple of weeks. I won't go into detail about the what/why/when's but suffice... Continue Reading →

Trials and Heartache

My family is going through a difficult situation right now and could really use your prayers, or well wishes if you don't pray. But prayers are most favored! Anywho, it's had me thinking lately about my writer's block and writing in general when faced with personal struggle and tragedy. The things that potentially break us... Continue Reading →

“Help Me Obi-Wan!”

Sometimes I get discouraged by the world and wonder if there really is any goodness left in people. I'm sure you've had those moments when either things aren't going so great, or it seems like the world is a never ending cesspool of violence. Well tonight something happened that reminded me that's just what the... Continue Reading →

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