Book Tour Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Day 1 in the Silver Hollow tour. I can’t believe we’re already here, after a month of scheduling, brainstorming posts and all my part entailed.

I’ve really enjoyed Bewitching Book Tours. They’ve been working hard to play the “middle-man” between me and my fellow bloggers. Especially Roxanne! You rock chica! This is my first blog tour and I feel like it’s obvious sometimes how “green” I am, but I don’t care too much. I like sharing this experience with other newbies out there and oldies who have helped me along the path. Before I start getting all nostalgic and emo over the ones who took me in when I had no clue what to do (you know who you are!), we’ll skip to the main point of this post.



I’ve learned some very valuable things since I signed up for this tour. I’ve taken this wild mass of social media chaos and made order out of it for starters. If you are a writer, I seriously urge you to invest in a planner. My dad bought me mine and I love it. It’s notebook sized and smells like clean office supplies. And when I got the schedule for the blog tour, I realized that my desktop wasn’t gonna cut it as far as keeping organized. So I wrote it all down. That’s right, even all of the little blogger addresses and what type of post would be featured for those days.

I also keep all my swag together in the pockets on the side, because I like to think that someday I’ll have that planner out somewhere and will have the chance to hand them out haha.

So that’s tip #1: Organize the crap out of your schedule.

Most Indie’s can’t afford an assistant, though I did learn recently about “Author Elf.” Maybe I’ll invest in the future, if things get to where I can’t keep track. But for now, I’m happy being a one-woman with tons of support show.

Secondly, and don’t worry this ain’t gonna be essay length or nothing ;)…

WRITE AHEAD. I followed this suggestion and have not regretted it. If you’re working on your own tour, or you’re thinking of signing up for one, then make sure you keep at least a week ahead of your tour stops. That way you can focus on your writing and less on worrying about catching up.

Speaking of writing, I should probably tie this up and go follow my own advice. 😉

So hope to see everyone at the tour starting tomorrow. If you don’t show I’ll know! Okay…I’m not that good, but I can hope to see you all the same. 🙂

Happy early FRIDAY! Weekend yay!


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