#32,33 Last Tour Stops!

(Once Upon A Book) delivers a sweeping and probably the most legit review I've ever received, lol. I love it when people put their thoughts into the worlds I too have spent considerable time in, but "Goblin Queen" went above and beyond. Many thanks to her sparkling, descriptive and enticing words! Last in our tour,... Continue Reading →


"Book Girl Knitting" hosted me for the twenty-ninth stop in our tour. Love her site and the Victorian style 🙂 Dig into a behind the scenes look at the romance phenomenon, Team Emrys VS Team Dearg, besides the giveaway and another chance to read two excerpts and my little short free story read. But hope... Continue Reading →


Here is the spotlight from "Nomie's Paranormal Palace!" The girl uses a fairy icon which is so much fun. 🙂  Her whole website is just a lot of fun you'll have to check out for yourselves.  Next up today is "Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer" where I divulge information on the origins of the... Continue Reading →

#23&24 A Review and an Interview

It's still a funny/strange thing for me to see an interview featuring me on someone else's blog. I'm still in that world of newbie-authoress land, where I'm oohing and ahing over all the awesome Indie's out there and the bloggers who help make things happen. As the tables start shifting, I can only hope to... Continue Reading →

#17&18 Tour Stops

Though a couple sites apparently dropped out of the running, I do have two more loverly blogs for y'all to check out! Thanks so much to them for posting about Silver Hollow and hosting the giveaway. And thanks so much to everyone who has commented and spread the word :DThe first is at a cute... Continue Reading →

#15&16 Bewitching Stops :)

So we had family in town all this last weekend and part of last week! Needless to say I'm fairly exhausted, in the best of ways. It's always good to spend quality time with my niece and nephews 🙂 But now I'm catching up on my neglected to-do list. Worked some on Ohre tonight. Jessica and... Continue Reading →

#13 What’s In A Name?

Did you know the meaning behind Dearg's name? Learn about origins and more of the characters of Silver Hollow on Jennifer's flippin sweet site: HERE You never know what kind of reaction your going to get from a guest post, be it minuscule or major. Tonight I was pleasantly surprised to find out more than a few... Continue Reading →

# 11&12 Tour Posts :D

Can't believe we're already at the eleventh and twelfth posts! When I look at where we've gone and what's up ahead I kind of feel like this... Now that his has been established... Here are today's posts! Kari's Crowded Bookshelf- to be posted later. Meanwhile, come check out her site 🙂 Butterfly-o-Meter Books


A Girl and Her Kindle kindly hosted me for my eighth tour stop yesterday. Come check out the spotlight here: http://www.agirlandherkindle.com/2013/03/silver-hollow-by-jennifer-silverwood.html The giveaway's been included so don't forget to have a gander 🙂 It's been fun going through this tour with all of you! Remember to be sure and spread the word. I certainly couldn't have... Continue Reading →

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