#28 Exposing Emrys

With only a few more days left of the Silver Hollow Blog Tour, I wanted to pause and thank everyone who has entered the giveaway and helped promote/commented. Every time you do it helps me spread the word. So thank you!


And the response to Silver Hollow has made me decide to take a step I hadn’t thought to take before now. I wasn’t sure if this book would remain as a stand alone or morph into a longer series. The potential’s been there, but I have so many other ideas and projects lined up, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit.

I have a basic outline for the sequel, and some ideas for backstory novellas, thanks to the twins and my beta, Allison. But at this point in time, I’m slowly going back over the final draft and polishing the first book up. That way when we can get to that point, the sequels will fall in seamlessly with the original.

So wish me luck as I go back over this mini-epic and have it revised by my editor for a second go-round. Obviously it might have been more helpful to do this from the beginning. But isn’t that what most of us are doing, anyway? Learning from our mistakes, trial and error and all that jazz?

Kay now that I’ve made you read all that, let’s dive into today’s post! I love this blog, “Urban Fantasy Investigations.” Originally I wanted to write another expose/news article. Instead you get to learn some hidden truths about Emrys, one of the male protagonists/antagonists in Silver Hollow. Enjoy reading of things that might of been, that might still be.



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