Ohre: Teaser #1

Enjoy today’s teaser from my newest release, “Ohre (Heaven’s Edge #2)” You can purchase it for free right now on Amazon Kindle for a limited time. Also, you can find Qeya for FREE on Smashwords and Barnes& Noble. Click on the pictures to find the links and explore a lost world on the edge of the universe with Qeya and Ohre. 🙂

Meanwhile, I readied Qeya for our journey. The best defense in alien waters was not our biosuits, which were designed for heaven and hostile environments. But her eyes grew to new depths when I told her to strip down.

She subconsciously covered her chest. “I’m not taking this off. And I need my tool belt anyway.”

I had already stripped away the outer gray layer of my suit and disconnected the helm ring. Shrugging, I teased, “After living in a cave with me for so long, you still be a fretful creature.”

As I predicted, Qeya huffed and then uncrossed her arms. With a determined glare, she peeled off her boots and placed her web-toed feet onto the sand.

I smirked and took off the synthetic skin beneath that, revealing my scars and the tattoos that ran down my neck, over my shoulders and down my back. This action was far more intimate than I was letting on. Truth be told, I was trembling in my boots, showing her the amount of scars and lack of markings I still wore. I was decorated just as much as the average miner. But my tattoos were not in honor of the discoveries I had made. Instead they told the story of unnecessary fights and demerits for putting my gills where they didn’t belong. Where they connected at the top of my spine, the tattoos told of my origins, of the clan that no longer existed.



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