CBS This Morning Update

CBS This Morning Update.

AMAZING! It’s so crazy to me how your life can change so quickly, as Colleen Hoover has proven. When I first met her, I was searching for fellow Indie authors to pass along their wisdom and advice. Colleen had written a book called ‘Slammed’ at the time and I had yet to read it. She was such a sport and really funny. We passed emails a bit and then I read her book…WOW (was my reaction lol)

And then all of the sudden, overnight it almost seemed, she climbing the charts. And the sequel was published and just as amazing I had to devour it in one night. I’m happy to say that she has graduated into that coveted, rarely found place most Indies can only dream.

She’s been picked up by a major publishing house, is talking movie deals and writing full time! Congrats Colleen Hoover, and thank you for showing Texas gals can make it big! You’re such an inspiration to me 😀

Check out her books: Widgets

2 thoughts on “CBS This Morning Update

    1. Your welcome, girl! So very happy crazy excited for your success! Just hang in there because I can tell things are only gonna shoot higher from here 😀 Can’t wait to see your books as movies one day in the future! Especially because I’ll be the one in the crowd pointing out inconsistencies with the book to my friends and saying, “Come on! They can’t leave out that part!” lol Though they’d better quote it almost word for word!


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