2015 Book Challenge #1

Read So You Can Write If you happened to read my post on my book blog, then you might have an inkling on what I'm about to say. But I thought it might be another way to keep me accountable to y'all and myself, in my latest challenge. I realized after completing my Goodreads reading... Continue Reading →

A raw blog post.

A raw blog post.. : A.K.A. MOST Amazing Dream Story EVER Colleen Hoover is a success story, but that's only part of her tale. She's a dreamer and a wonderful, passionate author and I'm proud to say I read her first novel, Slammed, before it made it to the "big time." She has remained one... Continue Reading →

CBS This Morning Update

CBS This Morning Update. AMAZING! It's so crazy to me how your life can change so quickly, as Colleen Hoover has proven. When I first met her, I was searching for fellow Indie authors to pass along their wisdom and advice. Colleen had written a book called 'Slammed' at the time and I had yet... Continue Reading →

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