Tuesday Teaser: Vynasha

Well I’m officially back from my weekend away from home! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day 🙂 I didn’t accomplish much of anything, writing wise. So tonight is my return into the depths of Vynasha’s story. Enjoy this latest snippet,



She held her stomach and stared at the memoir lying open upon the ancient rug at her feet. The fire’s flames had long faded, fresh wood crumbled to embers and the carved roses littering the hearth seemed heavy and gleamed pale against the sliver of dawn peeking through heavy drapes. Light fell upon the words that burned fresh in her mind. Soraya’s words had given her little to hope for, only buried her deeper into emotions she quickly tucked away.

“KNOCK! KNOCK!” The tap on wood was soft, yet echoed through the thick walls and stone a thousand times over.


Her eyes darted to the door and anger filled her until she no longer felt that sickening despair. Anger was easier to feel sometimes than to face the truth. She was tired of so many mysteries with so little answers. With a swift tread she was at the door, pulling it open roughly. She was prepared to greet the light of candles, thick black halls beyond and sliver of light that so often caught on

“CLASH,” echoed the metal as it fell to the marble floor.
the edge of her eye.

“Ah!” a voice exclaimed in unison with hers. The silver tray clattered to the stone floor, its warm contents splayed before her feet and for but a moment Vynasha blinked against the brilliant silvery glow that blinded her vision.




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