MoLove: Art & Inspiration

MoLove: Art & Inspiration

Stay was inspired in greater part by my love for the sea. My best friends, the twins, and I would draw and paint mermaids when we were younger and give them different back stories and different oceans to live in.
We often played like we were mermaids in their swimming pool an some of my fondest memories are combing the sands as a child.
That’s the beautiful thing about stories. They come from deep places inside our memories and our imaginations and if we’re lucky, meld into something worthwhile.

What is it that inspires you? I hope you seek it out and find it. We’re our best when we allow ourselves to do not only things that challenge us, but things we love.

If you fancy, you can buy prints of these on another one of my favorite sites, Deviantart.
Next time I’ll share with you about Naj and how I discovered her brilliant talent. 😀

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