It Happened

After two years of discovering the underground world of Indy publishing, and meeting some stellar authors, bloggers and readers, it’s happened. A few weeks ago, I signed two of my series with a brand-spanking-new publishing company called 4wordpress!

A few months ago I toyed with the idea of going “traditional” as they call it. But needed a starting point, somewhere to launch out. I didn’t know whether to go agent or no agent, big pub house or little house. And like most of my experiences with this would-be profession, the answer was right in front of me all along.

To learn more about what’s happening, click on the pic below and follow the link! Oh, and of course don’t forget to share with your circles! I wouldn’t have made it this far without y’all and I like to think that we’ve become our own little literary family. 🙂

7 thoughts on “It Happened

  1. Congrats Jennifer!!! That is so exciting!!! I agree that we are all a small literary community. I have felt the love many times:)
    Cindi @ mommasez…


      1. Yes, I guess, lol. Lots of ups and downs as I know that you understand! We were discussing doing something on my blog. Let me know if/when you want to do a guest post!


        1. Lol yep I understand! Everyone at work was commiserating about it being one of those weeks. We have up and down seasons 🙂 And I’d LOVE to do a guest post! What did you have in mind??


            1. Cindi, so sorry I’m just now getting back to you! Saw your comment today. I would love to do an interview about 4wordpress, if you were still interested. Just let me know! Hope things are going well with you 😀


            2. Don’t worry about it Jennifer! My internet has been down and work has gotten CRAZY busy! I will email you this evening when I get home from work and we can figure out what we want for the interview:)


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