Qeya & Other Updates!

A few quick updates to start things off tonight!

First, Qeya, the first of the Heaven’s Edge series is FREE right now on Amazon! I’m beyond excited about it, but even more excited to share my plans for the third in the series, Tamn. In book one we met Alien Princess, Qeya, with her family on a long journey in exile from their home world. They’ve traveled across the galaxy, training the entire time to return one day and take back the planet. Of course that’s when mysterious bad guys in a bigger ship come along and attack. Only the kids manage to survive, thanks to a miner named Ohre. And that’s just the beginning…

Click on the picture to learn more, or you can visit the tab above called “Heaven’s Edge.” 😀


I realized that I haven’t worked on the third book in ages. Not that I intended to neglect it, but other things came along. Like Stay and now the re-release of Vynasha. Sometimes it’s daunting keeping up with multiple story lines and adventures. But I learned not so long ago, if I don’t put that kind of pressure on then I’m only half as good at keeping up. So here we go! A whirlwind summer planned of big releases, blog tours and whatnot’s. Especially the whatnot’s. Can’t help but love them…

I am planning on a big bombastic series I can’t even mention just yet.

Meantime I’m going to start working on Tamn.

Here is a sneak peak, for those of you who have read both Qeya and Ohre. If you haven’t, then begone! You mustn’t read past his line. Don’t you dare, or you might just be compelled to snag the first two. 😉

Ready, set, begin:

“You’re doing it wrong,” I offered from over her shoulder.

Golden, slightly mismatched wide eyes flashed threateningly at me over the edge of her scythe blade, an amusing expression on the face of a child. Then again, she wouldn’t be a child much longer, I reminded myself. Not to mention the fact she was supposed to be my wife one day. But every time I looked at Qeya, all I saw was the small bright haired girl who had followed me around the castle like a greandal pup.

Tendrils of her fire hair stuck to her sweaty face and I fought the need to brush them back. Instead I unfolded my long limbs and pushed off the wall to stand in front of her. I blocked her from the simulation she had been practicing with and ignored the familiar buzz of energy the projection emitted as I stepped into its motionless form. Today it had copied the physiology of a miner, one of the oldest defensive programs in the training program. That Qeya was learning how to best our most ancient enemy first said much for how she would develop in the future.

“Here,” I said, twisting her hand around the grip so her fingers locked together, clutched tightly. I concentrated on angling her elbow higher. “Always keep your arm up, level to your chin, in case you need to block.” I lifted my hands to tuck her chin lower and our eyes brushed briefly. We both smiled and I ignored the sudden twitch of her translucent, second eyelids. She was often nervous around me.

“Oh thanks, high and mighty leader,” she snapped back with mischief in her eyes. I was amused as usual by her pride.

“You really think you can live up to that challenge? I am four years older than you, pup.” I pulled my retractable blade off my belt and caressed it fondly. I wasn’t making idle threats. Everyone knew I was the best in the program.

Qeya grinned and took her stance. “Hah! You might have fooled the rest of them into thinking you’re some kind of all-powerful warrior, but I know your weakness, Tamn,” she taunted.

I laughed, “What might that be…hey!”

She barreled into me, putting away her blade in favor of using her hands as she ran them up my sides. I convulsed and then I was on the ground laughing in spite of the control I worked so hard to maintain. She did this to me, made me act like a child instead of the adult I was meant to be. And sometimes, secretly, I wished I was still a child. 

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