The Impossiblities

I’ve begun a new post several times. Each one failed to meet my standards to the point I did not bother to save the drafts for a later upload. To try and tell you how I’ve been this year so far is a long story. If you want the prose version, you can skip on over to my book blog for a gander. But suffice to say that never in my life have I found more inspiration through pain. I’ve written multiple story ideas down, often late in the night when sleep evaded me. I came up with three separate and complicated contemporary romances. The outlines were fun enough to write I might actually take a stab and flesh them out one day soon.

I found time to work on Vynasha as well, that long-lost manuscript that’s been in “production hell” for more than a year now. I am happy to say that it is fleshing out nicely and I hope to bring the fully realized version to y’all sometime this summer. (I know I said that last summer, but we can hope for the best, yeah?) Re-writes weren’t too difficult. I mostly just changed the timeline a bit. Instead of the story’s events taking place nine years after the fire that killed Vynasha’s family, now it has only been four. With her nephew still alive, V has more reasons to go after a most likely impossible cure. In the initial draft, her character had already lost most of her will to live. She was more of a husk than flesh and blood. Now she is not so keen on remaining imprisoned.

In other news, I’ve been on constant lookout for ways to change my game, writing wise. I’ve looked into everything from serialized novelizations to Kindle Singles, etc. I  can’t say for certain which route I’m willing to go. Once I figure things out I’ll care to share 😉 I’m still fairly new at this, as most of you know. I’ve got a few titles to my name and each one of them has been a huge learning experience. As I go back to school and hone in my craft, I’m hoping y’all will hang in there with me. It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. But I know we will get there eventually. Thanks for supporting and encouraging me so much, all of you. You’re the reason I keep writing, keep updating and keep dreaming…

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