Love is the Answer


So I thought I’d share something about Vynasha and the recent writing process/progress. I’ve been working through revisions, as you all know, but have still felt something missing. My husband went out of town for a few days recently and I was kind of excited. I’d get the computer all to myself and envisioned blissful hours of solitude and inspiration. But every day I sat down to write, nothing came and my fingers seemed stuck, poised over the keys. For the life of me I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I was kind of angry over the fact I couldn’t find the willpower to work. I tried watching different movies for inspiration. I watched Phantom of the Opera for its aesthetic beauty (and Gerard Butler’s wooing) and Jerry Maguire so I could make myself tear up. “You…complete me…” “You had me at hello.” I even put on G.I. Jane, hoping she’d make me want to write strength into my heroine. Results? Nada.

My husband came home tonight. It was wonderful. You would think it had been a year and not only a few days since I saw him. I was blissfully happy suddenly, just sitting near him, just holding his hand again. And that’s when it happened. Inspiration took hold, jumped and soared. I finally know how I’m going to properly end Vynasha Part 1. The reason for it was because of him, and because of love. I know it sounds sappy and trust me, it surprised me too. But it also reminded me that artistic inspiration truly does come from life, from living and from loving another person. That kind of love fills you up and overflows until you have to let it out somehow, you have to express it.

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