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If you have been following my blog, you have been anticipating the December 1st book tour & release of Scarred Beauty, the sequel to Craving Beauty. Some of you may be more familiar than others with the world and people of Wylder Tales. In this case, I thought we could spend the rest of this month diving back into the novel that started it all. A year ago Prism Book Tours hosted a book tour for Craving Beauty, filled with fun interviews, and top secret info on the characters & the world. The following blog post was first published in Nov 2015 on the fabulous Colormitery book blog.

The following interview was the last time anyone from the village of Whistleande had contact with her before Vynasha and her nephew, Wyll disappeared this winter. They are currently presumed dead by the local magistrate. One can only ponder what would drive these poor souls into a forest populated with danger and shrouded in myth.
You may find this interview published with other such local anecdotes in my soon-to-be-released book about the mysterious people of Whistleande, titled, “Lost to the Diamond War: Those Left Behind”

Interview with Vynasha

JS: Vynasha, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us today!

V: Of course, you’re the first friendly stranger I’ve met since the war. Besides that strange beggar I met earlier today…

JS: We have heard so much about you and your illustrious family! Our records show your grandfather was one of the last of the North Lords, who at one time ruled over this valley.

V: Uh, thank you, but I don’t know if I’d call my family anything but notorious. Nothing good has happened to us in three generations. There’s a reason people think my family’s cursed, you know.

JS: We understand since the Diamond War your village of Whistleande has had a really difficult time. How are you able to stay afloat while others starve in the streets?

V: I trade roses in the village. People like beautiful things, I suppose.

JS: Fascinating! I’ve always wished I had a green thumb. A gentleman from Mayve’s Tavern said you live alone with your nephew on the border of the valley and the Wylder Mountains.

V: That would be my cousin, Stye. He likes to talk about things he has no business discussing with strangers.

JS: Other people from your village say those mountains are cursed and no one has ventured there in the last hundred years. They say the woods are haunted by dark spirits. Have you ever seen ghouls and changelings in the forest?

V: They’re just a legend, and people don’t travel that road because there’s nothing up there but snow and wolves…

JS: Forgive me but I can’t help the feeling you know more than you’re sharing with us. I want you to know nothing in this interview will be disclosed to anyone else.

V: I’d rather not and I think you say that to all the people you question.

JS: I can see you’re uncomfortable with this subject, let’s move on. People in the village seem to both fear and adore you, Vynasha. Care to share?

V: You see my face, don’t you? Look, I don’t really have time for this. I need to get home before the snow hits.

JS: If I could only borrow a few more seconds of your time, I had a couple more questions.

V: You can walk with me.

JS: Thank you! Whew, these hills really give the calves a workout…

V: Your questions? Two more and then we’re done.

JS: Of course! First, what would you say your biggest hope and dream is?

V: Um…I hadn’t really thought about it. I—I used to want to be an adventurer when I was little, but now I just want my nephew to be well. Winter is…difficult for him.

JS: Perhaps you could stay at the tavern with your cousin during the colder months.

V: No thank you. It’s awkward enough going into the village once a week. I couldn’t tend the roses from Whistleande and Stye has a gift for making things worse whenever he tries to help.

JS: I see. Final question, the same I asked every person I have encountered in Whistleande today. If you could change one thing about yourself or your circumstance, what would that be?

V: Everything.

JS: What do you mean?

V: You asked your two questions, I answered. Now it’s time for you to go back to the southlands or wherever it is you came from and me to go my way. I’m sorry, you seem like a kind person but this storm isn’t going to wait. Good day.

JS: Thank you for your time, Vynasha! Best of luck to you and your nephew, I hope you are able to follow your dreams one day.

V: Same to you.

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