Scarred Beauty Book Tour: Day 4

It’s day four of our week-long online book tour for Scarred Beauty, sequel to Craving Beauty of the Wylder Tales Series! I’ve been super excited about this particular book tour because this is the first full-length sequel I’ve published, in case you didn’t know. But enough about me. What you want to do is check out today’s tour stops, right? Since today’s blogs both feature excerpts from Scarred Beauty, you may want to read them in order. To do that, be sure you begin with Friday’s stop : Nicole’s Book Musings 


#1 Wishful Endings

First up we have the second excerpt at Wishful Endings! There are four total excerpts (first was posted Friday HERE) you can read together like a serial. Learn what happens after the Prince throws Vynasha in the dungeon with the other beasts…

“’What do you mean you didn’t intend to bond with me?” She wanted more answers now he was so willing to offer them. She almost growled in frustration when he answered with silence. “Is this why my skin glows?” she pressed. “Is it your majik, or ours?”
His fingers twitched and fell limp against hers. Vynasha strained to keep hold of him as his hand slipped away. Her fingertip scratched against bare rock and then his pale light winked out.
“Grendall?” She pressed her ear to the rock near where her arm extended through the hole, until she was stretched along the filthy floor. “Are you all right?” Silence so thick after his confession was frightening. After hearing his confession, she was worried their bond, whatever it meant, wasn’t enough to fully heal him.”

To read more, come visit Wishful Endings!

#2 Falling Leaves

Next we have another excerpt from Scarred Beauty with Falling Leaves! Vynasha finds herself imprisoned in the dungeons of the Prince’s castle, but she is not alone… Grendall, the gatekeeper is in the cell beside hers and his injuries prevent their escape…

“She smiled. “You must be feeling better.”
He did not answer, but his finger twitched and she could hear his sharp breath. This was her only warning before the door to her cell creaked open with a groan. She nearly ripped a fresh hole in her arm, trying to wrench it from the hole Grendall had made between their cells.
For one torturous moment, she envisioned the Prince’s gravelly voice and shadowed horns. Judging by their last conversation, she knew he would not want her speaking to Grendall or anyone for that matter.
“Who is it?” Grendall hissed through the space between their walls.
Vynasha shook her head as she scrambled to her feet, a difficult task thanks to the awkward position she had been lying in. She skirted the shadows as light filled the room and nearly barreled into the hunched figure who stepped through the door.

To read more, come visit Falling Leaves!

Thanks so much to everyone who has participated in the tour so far & all of you who have visited our stops! Writing is a group effort, like they say and I’ve found it holds true. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, dear readers 🙂
Be sure to enter the raffle contest today if you haven’t already. Check back every day to add in your daily tweets, etc. And try your hand at some fan art to grab those extra entries!  Good luck and may the odds be in your favor😉

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Monday we visit Letters from Annie Douglass Lima fuonlyknew for a deeper look into the world of Wylder Tales + more!



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