A Thousand Thanks!

Last night Prism Book Tours hosted the Twitter Chat for the Scarred Beauty Book Tour. We posed several important questions as, “What’s your favorite fairy tale?” & what other fairy tales would you love to see retold in a Gothic setting?


So you should totally go back and answer more of Prism Book Tour’s questions, cause who doesn’t love chatting about fantasy. And you’ll get to look at this FAN ART (love this so much!)

A thousand thanks to everyone who made this tour possible. To keep this from sounding too much like an “acknowledgements” page I’ll try and keep this short & sweet 😉

Thank you to the ladies who joined us in the Twitter Chat, especially Tressa of Wishful Endings, for all the behind-the-scenes work you do!

Thank you Prism Book Tours, for hosting a fantastic tour (my favorite to date!) and helping me spread the word about my book babies 😉

Thank you to the bloggers who hosted and shared & all of you dear readers who have tweeted and re-tweeted & liked, etc… I know how busy our lives get this time of year, which is why I wanted to provide a bit of escape for you all. I know that’s the reason fantasy is my favorite genre to read. I hope the Wylder Tales Series gives you a bit of magic this holiday season.




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