Venom & Steel Release Tour!

Welcome to the Venom & Steel Release Tour!

Below you’ll have a chance to learn more about the 4th installment in Melissa Wright’s epic Frey Saga, as well as a chance to enter a special giveaway! Melissa has offered loads of swag & goodies for raffle here you won’t find anywhere else, so you’ll want to keep reading! We hope you join us by spreading some love & word. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment/share!




Three seasons of peace come with a price.

It’s dark night in the kingdom of the fey when the castle is attacked, and Ruby has gone missing. If Frey can’t decipher the clues, one of her Seven might pay with their life.
But winged gods and high fey tricksters are plotting to steal more than a Halfling. Frey’s high guard is torn apart, her magic is too volatile, and in three moons the fates will dance.
If Frey can’t regain her guard and get a grip on her powers, the fate of the lands will rest in fey hands—but to do so, she must place her trust in one of them.

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All fans of The Frey Saga know this release has been long in the making. I’ve been lucky to read an advanced copy of Venom & Steel and can tell you it was well worth the wait! Stakes are higher than ever, the magic is spectacular and Ruby shines brightest while Frey finds herself powerless to stop events from unfolding. Click on the pic below for more.

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Grand Prize — BOOKS + a LOT of swag 😉

Second Prize — V&S in print with bookmarks

Third Prize — V&S ebook

V&S Swag Pack

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