Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ On Using Wizard of OZ Philosophy & Love of Fanfiction

witter (ˈwɪtə)
vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length
n – pointless chat; chatter

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and are ready to face the new week with a cheeky grin 😉 We had a very busy and somewhat unexpected weekend. Some of our recent life situation thingies went awry. Something about when things go wrong, or the unexpected happens, always throws us for a loop. No matter how seasoned an adult you may be (though admittedly I’m no sage) bad news is bad news. It’s how we face that news, how we choose to either rise above or let it drag us down, which makes all the difference. While we chose to “look on the bright side of life,” I lost some writerly focus.

Happy (2)

I’ve heard it said, in truth experienced how trials can inspire us to create best. How when we are forced to or allow ourselves to go to certain places emotionally we usually avoid, it translates into something beautiful or ugly…

Sometimes that’s true. But what about the times your brain is overwhelmed with all the “what-if’s” that you can’t think let alone create? The older I get, the harder it becomes to throw my cares away and escape to my dream world. Wouldn’t it be nice if a twister uprooted us now and again? My family and I are in a twister right now. I know we’ll eventually end up over the rainbow one way or another. But getting there is the real trick. So, I won’t “let it eat me” as my bestie likes to say. We’re only strong enough to take life one day at a time and to seek joy along the yellow brick road. It’s all about the journey, the pauses and in-between moments, after all.

So, while I didn’t make too much progress with New Silver Hollow, I did allow myself to be in the moment with my kid and my husband. I gave lots of extra kisses and cuddles, watched a decent bit of AMC’s “TURN” on Netflix, and celebrated Melissa Wright’s book release. In so many ways, it was a lovely distraction to experience the Venom & Steel release day with her.

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Confession: while I said I couldn’t relax enough to create, I should come forward and tell you the lovely truth. You see, after I loved on my family, fangirled over Frey Saga, and watched some lovely historical drama, I was still itching to do something.

Years ago, before I published anything, I wrote fanfiction. A lot of embarrassing fanfiction. So embarrassing I will never tell you my pen name because. 😉 However, I was reading a Susan Dennard blog post not too long ago and found out she writes Dragon Age fanfic and I thought, well awesome! If she can then I still can too! I still read good fanfic voraciously. I’m currently a diehard Whovian (Rose/Ten or Rose/Nine), Bethyl, Vicbourne and Hermione fan (cause anyone paired with her will be an awesome read 😉 And I hate it with a flying passion when you find out the fic you just consumed turns out to be on hiatus. My monster fic has been on hiatus a couple of years. But a random guest review spurred me to jump back in the other night and I’m so happy I did. I thought coming back after so long would feel strange, but the story came easily and words flowed. Pure writing bliss!

I think a large part of my joy came from the fact I wasn’t writing for anyone but myself and the people I knew already loved this story. I was free writing without my name attached and it was freeing. It helped me remember why I love writing for writing’s sake. So I’ll definitely finish my fic. I think a mental break now and then does us all some good.  This time, for me, that break came by way of my favorite nerd past time 😉

Thanks for reading this week’s life/fangirl post! Look for more of my current WIP teasers tomorrow and don’t forget to check out the Venom & Steel giveaway! And to all my fellow fanfic mates, I’d love to see your favorite fandoms/pairings in the comments below.

Goals for this week

  1. Finish Part 2 of #NewSilveHollow
  2. Dive back into writing Tamn (at least one more chapter)
  3. Free write after spending quality time with my family.

Happy Fourth of July!

Go outside & sweat it out with your favorite people, cause “America!” 😉

I will be watching Independence Day & The Patriot for the umpteenth time & burning too many sparklers with my kid.

Stay classy & have fun America!


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