Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018 Edition

Yep, you didn’t misread the title above. I feel a bit sheepish running around saying I was publishing the newly revised Silver Hollow this year. I may have bit off more than I could chew deciding to publish both Tamn and SWIM at the same time. And this year has been way too crazy to dare publish three novels. To all those authors who publish three +, my straw hat’s off to you. Anywho, back to why you’re reading this 🙂 I’m still working through rewrites, and the new edition is about halfway edited by the lovely R.J. Locksley (bless her patience). Now that November is out of the way, I am focusing all my efforts on bringing the world of Silver Hollow back to you. There will be changes, there will (maybe) be blood, and lots of magic naturally.

Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser


A bright light woke her from the sweetest sleep she had found since coming to the Vale. For a moment, she struggled to recall who and where she was. He had been stealing her memories, but now the light was calling them back. Tears welled behind her closed lids as she remembered exactly who had pulled her away from Wenderdowne that night.

Amie blinked against a gleam of radiant silver and gold, as if the light of both sun and moon had kissed her face. Slowly, the light took form, as the prick of something sharp pulled from her forehead. A glittering horn clear like purest diamonds crowned the Unicorn now staring back at her with violet eyes. A cloud of honeysuckle-sweet breath washed over her. Amie sucked in a breath, the cold stealing her comfort. And then the unicorn began to wicker nervously in lighter bell tones. If she tuned her ear just right, she could nearly swear it was giving a warning.

All her remembered life, dreams had filled her sleep, so real she often wondered which was the reality.

Never dreams. Memories.

Amie gasped as the Unicorn’s light flickered in and out of a sudden onslaught of shadows. Tears were halfway down her cheeks and she lifted a hand to brush them aside when a harsh growl startled her. So deep came the voice, that the words scarcely sounded human, “Hrycg æt háligreft!

A high pitched screech made her cover her bleeding ears. The light brightened before the creature vanished, leaving a pit of shadow in its wake.

The Unicorn had stolen her confusion and sorrow with one prick. Now that it was gone, she was afraid to dig deeper, to question what was obviously staring her in the face. Amie held an arm against her chest and released her hold on the hilt of her blade as Emrys stepped beyond shadows and into corporeal form.

His black iris covered the whites of his eyes as he took a knee and reached to swipe the blood from her forehead. A sudden flux of dark flame pushed past his control as he tasted his thumb, then spat on the ground. “Wicked creatures, stealing your light.”

Amie released a breath once the blackness in his gaze was replaced by amusement.

“What happened?” His tone was all business. “Did it catch you in your sleep?”

Only as he pushed her jaw back into place did she realize she had been gaping at him like a fish. “You hate unicorns?” Amie chuffed. “What kind of person hates the purest creatures on the planet?” She smiled and relaxed into her tree. “I knew they were real.”

Emrys growled as he touched her forehead again. “More like spawn of drakkor.”


to be continued…

Behind the Scenes


Now you may have noticed a few things, if you read the original version. Originally, Dearg was with Amie when she met the unicorn. Rewriting Silver Hollow has been a big twisty adventure, about as big as my first attempt to put the ideas down. When I set out to update my first full-length novel, I planned to basically freshen up dialogue and cut out any unnecessary drivel. But as I did just as I first set out to do, I found there was more to the story than I originally planned, and a lot more to these characters. This book will become the first installment in my Borderlands Saga. Some things you may miss from this new edition will return in other ways in future books. My hope is to bring you the story I wanted to write in the first place. I hope you stick with me for the adventures ahead! Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


Coming Soon


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018 Edition

  1. First of all, your website is beautiful. The blue and the gold, along with the flowery filigree are so delicate and magical.

    I loved this teaser. Unicorns have long been a favorite of mine (I have a curio cabinet of around 100+ figurines made out of porcelain, glass, and crystal.). Can’t wait to read the full version. Probably surreal comparing the original with the rewrite! I’m so proud of your writing journey, and can’t wait to see where you go. You’re talented, Jenn. Never stop writing. — All the best, Krystle


    1. Thank you Krystle! They site theme is a bit of a tease for my new Silver Hollow coverart 😉
      Also, me too! That’s so cool you have a collection. I have always been a bit obsessed with unicorns, I confess. Did you ever read Bruce Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles. Also I own The Last Unicorn graphic novel. Love it 🙂
      Aw and thanks! That’s such a huge compliment coming from one of my biggest Indie heroes! I’m so excited to read your Sleeping Beauty retelling!


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