In’Dtale Magazine Reviews She Walks in Moonlight!

I’m so excited to share In’Dtale Magazine‘s Review for She Walks in Moonlight!


“Lovers of second chances at love will find this story heart-warming.”

Read full review in the 2018 March issue of InD’tale Magazine.

What’s InD’tale Magazine, you ask? Well, according to their “Abut Us” Section…

“InD’tale was conceived and developed to help all the many gifted, creative people in this industry who struggle to find a voice in a world where “traditional” just isn’t working.  They have the talent and the ambition, they just need the platform to succeed.”

I’ve been a long-time fan, since they starting reaching out to the Indie and Small Press community. It’s so true what they’ve said in their bio, it’s difficult to have a voice when you’re a little fish in the ocean, but they help make the ocean smaller 🙂 Thanks InD’tale for the kind words & spreading the Indie love one book at a time!


SWIM Updated Graphic



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