Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow

This week I’ve been mostly working on reorganizing by life. Lol, so much work so easily generalized, right? Anywho, more on my personal online intervention HERE. While figuring out how to manage the things I need to make time for, like writing, I’ve also been getting ready for the Silver Hollow relaunch in May! I’ve already talked with Prism Book Tours about a one-week tour during relaunch week. Now that I’ve got things lined up with my editor and interior designer, I need to get all the swag put together. Can’t wait to share everything with y’all! Also, if you’re interested in joining my ARC team, sign up for my newsletter HERE


Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser

Amie had every intention of sneaking through the halls conveniently adjacent to her bedroom suite. The last thing she needed were the servants catching her in a muddy cloak and bloody leathers. The ghosts were absent as she crept over sooty floors and fallen rafter beams. Still she kept herself as hidden as possible, masking her presence like Henry taught her. Unfortunately this left her blind to the bustling servants darting about the typically empty wing.

Hidden behind the corner that turned to the hall of her bedroom door, Amie watched passing servants carry various feminine articles from the end of one hall into one of two open bedrooms directly across from hers.

What the seventh hell?

Amie frowned when Reggie the butler hauled a trunk nearly double his size through the open door. No sooner had he managed to squeeze the ridiculous contraption through the smaller space than Dani came barreling around the corner. Tears streamed down the small albino maid’s cheeks as she grabbed another servant. “Please, where is Miss Underhill?”

“What’s wrong bellibone?” the rotund servant replied.

“N-nothing, Barnaby…’twas all my fault! Could you let Ms. Underhill know I’ve gone to change uniforms and shall return to my duty, post haste?”

Barnaby patted her shoulder. “There, there, lass. I’ll tell her…” After a pause, he added, wryly, “Our guests breaking fast already?”

Dani sniffed. “Lady Hogswillow insisted on taking tea with Lord Wenderdowne in his Looking Room. She did nay fancy the gooseberry juice, as you can see.”

Amie dug crescents into her palms unnoticed until the first prick of pain. She should have remembered that Hogswillow woman was coming. Grimwich so much as taunted her over it, along with the fact Henry had the gall to invite them.

Soon as Barnaby and Dani left, Amie darted from her hiding place, twisting the handle and collapsing against her closed door with a huff.

“Right, be pissed later. Bath now.”


to be continued…

Goals: aka Morphin’ Time

  • Finish and submit Part 5 for editing rounds in two weeks or less.
  • Begin to order bookmarks and fun swag 😉
  • Set up relaunch newsletter schedule
  • Send out ARCS & set up Goodreads page w/giveaway
  • Publish in May (ish) -lol wish me luck!

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