Guest Flash Fiction by Fantasy Author Jennifer Silverwood

Today K.D. Jones, author of A White So Red was lovely enough to share my flash fiction on her website. K.D. recently encouraged her fellow authors to create flash, also known as micro fiction over at We Write Fantasy. Sharing a story with so few words has never been my forte, but I had fun creating this little piece. Happy #FlashFictionFriday!

Let There be Magic

*First appeared on We Write Fantasy. Reposted with permission.

Read more of Jennifer’s writings at her website –


Mama first told her about the magic in trees after Papa disappeared in the flood.
“Listen good, Lou,” she had whispered, “the tree’s memory is longest. They got roots dug deep in that old earth. Water washes us away but the trees remember.”
There was no headstone for Papa, just a tree Mama carved his Christian name into.
Sap bled over the letters often.
“See the tears the trees shed for your Papa?” Mama had said.
Lou took her papa’s knife to the bark, carefully carving Papa’s name over and over.
She marked moments in her life under that tree.
Carving Papa’s name with their dog, Rusty licking her tears away.
Carving Papa’s name again with her first boyfriend pressing kisses down her neck.

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