Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018

It’s happening! Silver Hollow 2018 is officially up for preorder everywhere! I’m planning a special post with info and whatnot, but for now, I hope you’re as excited as I am! This week I uploaded the book info to Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords (aka everyone else). But if you really want the deets on my crazy week, check out yesterday’s post. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in joining my ARC team, sign up for my newsletter HERE


Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser

Amie ran, ignoring Underhill’s concerned call, down the stairs with one location in mind. She needed…

Morcant collided into her with the force of a battering ram, knocking Amie to the floor. “Why, Jessamiene! What in blithering toadstools are you doing on the floor?” Her laughter set the younger woman’s nerves on edge instantly.

“Can’t keep my feet on the ground, apparently.” Amie climbed to her feet without accepting her ladyship’s offer.

Today Morcant was a vision in raven’s wing feathers. Black jewels were sewn between feathers and sheer golden lace over silk fabric below. “A little word of advice, darling?” Her mahogany stained lips were curved into a lazy smile, topaz eyes sparkling in the candlelight.  “Perhaps a treasured Lady as yourself should better look what path she is headed towards.”

Amie’s cheeks ached from her frozen smile. “Why, whatever do you mean, Lady Hogswillow?”

“Not all who wander are lost, as they say…” Morcant absently twirled the many rings around her thin fingers and arched a thick brow. “I only offer this with the best of intentions, bellibone. Learn to discern your true friends from the real enemies, before you’re out of time.”

Amie winced at the word, the reason she had been running in the first place cruelly recalled.

How much time have I really spent here?

“How kind of you to warn me,” Amie said, without her usual bite.

Morcant’s sharp eyebrows rose, her eyes lighting with a sick pleasure in their dissension. “So you already know, or perhaps remember.”

Amie clenched her hands in her plum skirts, but was too late to school her damnably expressive face. “What I can’t understand, is what you really want from Uncle Henry. You’re a smart woman. I’d have to be stupid not to know this. Only smart women become powerful.”

“How marvelous!” Morcant exclaimed, pressing her hands together and clapping childishly. “You are not the simpleton they have hoped for, I am pleased to see. Then again, Nimue never was, the witch.” The last was said with something akin to affection.

“That’s nice, but you haven’t answered my question. What do you want from a man you already know doesn’t love you?”

Morcant’s cheeky grin melted into something strangely genuine. Her goldilocks caught streams of sunlight as she bowed her head, while keeping a feverish eye on Amie. “What do I want from him? How can you begin to understand, the sort of madness which comes from loving a man all your life who can never love you back.”

Amie blinked and for the first time felt something other than disgust for the notorious woman. “Everyone here seems to have two names, have you noticed? I wonder about yours.”

A true name holds power.

As if she heard Amie’s thought, Morcant smiled until her gaze burned bright and a ripple of nixy rose like the wind around them, stirring her feathers. “Oh you shall know it well enough, bellibone,” she crooned and left the windowlight behind.

Amie backed slowly away, eyeing the creature she had thought she understood.


to be continued…

Goals: aka Morphin’ Time

  • Submit Part 5 for editing rounds!
  • Set up relaunch newsletter schedule
  • Send out ARCS via newsletter giveaway!

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