Books to Read + Bookish Events!

TGIF everyone! This Friday I wanted to share some great books from two very lovely authors, Candace Osmond and Pauline Creeden. Below you’ll also find my bookish events calendar. Stay tuned to these events for giveaways and Silver Hollow fun Happy Reading!

Books to Read!

When Dianna Cobham accidentally breaks her only ticket back to the future, an enchanted snow globe, she finds herself stranded in her own time without Captain Devil Eyed Barrett, the love of her life. Dianna struggles with her emotions and readjusts to her old life, all the while forging a way back to 1707 to save the captain and her beloved crew of pirates from her murderous ancestors.

But after she uncovers the key to returning to the past, Dianna becomes lost and alone when discovering tragic news that The Devil’s Heart sits at the bottom of the ocean…along with its crew.

Just when she thinks all hope is lost, Dianna receives a sign that her captain may be alive. It’s a longshot, but she’ll take it. It’s a terrifying reality, being alone and stranded 300-years in the past…especially with a new life growing inside her.

Fans of OUTLANDER and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN give praise for The Pirate Queen!

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Mermaids can be cruel creatures…

Verona is a bottom feeder. She is the one mer in her clan who is considered the ugliest and least intelligent. Growing up with the constant bullying and abuse wasn’t the worst of what her kind had in store for her. At seventeen years old, she must now endure “The Reckoning.”

The scales will measure her worth to her clan. Will she endure thirty days as a land-walker to gather information and knowledge to appease her clan and return a valued member? Will she wait three years, until she is twenty, and find a mer of her kind to accept her and marry her? Or will she suffer exile for the rest of her life?


This is the prequel novella to the novel “Salt” which is set for release on August 8. Pre-order your copy today and get a FREE Coloring Book – subscribe to the author’s newsletter for more information (Link in the back of this book)

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Bookish Events


 Book Fair

Next Month will be all about Silver Hollow’s release, featuring giveaways, book tours and more! Here are a few more events to watch out for:

-April 27th-April 30th:   OTOH Multi-genre Mega Book Event
(this will take place across social media – stay tuned to my
Facebook Page and Twitter!)

-May 1-14th:   Magic Book Book Fair

-May 21 – June 2:   Prism Book Tours hosts Silver Hollow!

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