Paranormal Romance Book Fair!

I love participating in group book fairs when I get the chance 🙂 This week I’m lucky to be featured alongside 16 other talented authors. Check out the link by clicking on the pic below and spread the Paranormal Romance love!

PNR Book Fair.Giveaway2.png

Stop by, pick up a bunch of new stories to enjoy, and enter the Gift Card Giveaway!

Book Quotes_My Quotes 2.png

In other news, I’m excited to visit home and spend Mother’s Day weekend with my folks. Hope y’all have something special planned for the mom’s in your life. I already got my present: The Neverending Story hardback edition + blue ray movie edition. If you don’t know me personally, you should be full warned, I’m a die hard 80’s fantasy fan. I grew up with older brothers who introduced movies like The Neverending Story to me as a young child. I like to think I got a healthy education 😉

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Stay tuned for this upcoming event!

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