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witter (ˈwɪtə)
vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length
n – pointless chat; chatter

COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY – COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED, 12TH EDITION 2014 © HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

Most of us like to think we’re special, enlightened, a glimmer in the dark.

The truth is most of us aren’t the geniuses we imagined when we were young. We strive to create something lovely, something true and new. But there is nothing new in this world. We create from our hearts, pulling from all the stories and experiences that shape our lives. But I’m not so sure if anything is “original,” or even groundbreaking as they claim.

Haven’t we all heard it before?

Isn’t this the same story told and retold over again. A different variation on a theme, a pattern that we follow or try to subvert. If we all rebel, then are we making a new path, or simply taking the side track that cuts through the woods? Or the long and winding trail that eventually leads back to the main road?

Hundreds upon hundreds of generations of human beings have lived and breathed on this earth. Thousands upon thousands of dreams fulfilled or never fully realized. We’ve been expressing ourselves in some form or another time and again. Evil has also destroyed what people created time and again.

We think ourselves lucky to live in this digital age.

We’re overflowing with information and miserable because the flow never stops. Information in today’s world is like a torrential river, a flood that doesn’t show signs of stopping. It’s easy to look and judge and compare ourselves to others. It’s much harder to be content within ourselves. Too much reflection can keep us from reaching out, from going beyond ourselves.

We can’t forget where we came from.

We shouldn’t ignore our childhood dreams and say they are too silly, unattainable. Don’t you ever wish to look at the world again through a child’s eyes? Every new thing a wonder, a joy, a discovery. We should cherish our childhood and teenaged and adult dreams. Collect them like fireflies in a jar and watch them glow, light up the dark.

Don’t be afraid to dream.

Dreams keep us going when all sense tells us to give up. Dreams teach us hope or help us forget what we can’t change. Isn’t that why we paint, or sing, or write? Aren’t we all reaching out together for something more, that tiny spark of genius we once believed in?


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