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12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas

It’s not every day I get this excited for a book tour—okay, scratch that—I am always excited to talk about books! But it’s very true #FantasyforChristmas19 holds a very special place in my heart.

Three years ago, I was looking to do a fantasy-themed book event with Tressa (who runs the tours at Prism) and writer buddy Melissa Wright. Mainly because the more authors you have in an event, the easier on your pocketbook. 😉 We needed at least one more author to complete the three-author event. So we went searching. I knew exactly where I wanted to look.

But let’s take our wayback machine a few years further when I first came into the publishing world around ’11-’12. I had no idea where to begin. I had a Goodreads account and I had just discovered the magical world of Indie Authors and their affordable digital books. I knew I wanted to publish my stories too, and watching these new authors come onto the scene was so inspiring. I saw them and knew I could do it too. But I couldn’t do it alone. So I reached out to some of the authors I’d been reading, like K.D. Jones, Mel Wright, Belle Malory, and Kate Avery Ellison. I asked them for some honest advice, hoping to hear back. They didn’t just write back but went above and beyond in a couple of cases to help me find my publishing legs. So they were some of the first I approached for our first Days of Fantasy tour.

To my shock, I discovered several of the authors I’d loved and lost touch with over the years had quit publishing. Not all of course. Several switched pen names or just went on hiatus, while others have gone on to have amazingly successful careers. But while looking for people to join our little tour, I started wondering how much better it’d be if we all had a place where we could come together and talk genre and writing life. Writing can be very lonely, and when you go it alone, sometimes we isolate ourselves too much. When times get tough, or we burn out, it helps so much to have other writers who can lift us back up.

Since I didn’t see a book tribe online that didn’t require its authors to pay dues (on a budget here, thank you) I asked Mel Wright and K.D. Jones if they’d like to start our own. That’s how We Write Fantasy was born.

Over the last three years we’ve slowly grown our little tribe. We blog (as regularly as we’re able) to share tips and pieces of our writing journey. We started a Facebook Page so we could reach out to other writers. I’ve had such a heart from the beginning for those writers who are like I was, ready to make their dream reality, but with no clue where to start. That’s what we aim for with We Write Fantasy. We don’t just want to lift each other up, but we want to lift you up too.

I won’t be featuring all 12 days on my personal blog here, but if you want to follow the tour more closely, check out our website. We will be sharing on our social media too, so feel free to join the fun there, too! Each day WWF and Prism Book Tours will host a different author and book or series. There is also a fabulous giveaway, of course! We can’t wait to see y’all there! 

Tour Schedule

(Posts go live on the day they’re scheduled.)

December 1st: Launch

December 2nd: Rebecca Belliston – Heart of Red, Blood of Blue

December 3rd: Morgan L. Busse – Flight of the Raven

December 4th: Jes Drew – Tales of Parallel Worlds

December 5th: Ronie Kendig – Brand of Light

December 6th: Alisha Klapheke – Fate of Dragons

December 7th: Jessica Leake – Through the White Wood

December 8th: Belle Malory – Electric Skies

December 9th: Melissa McShane – Burning Bright

December 10th: Jennifer Silverwood – Blackbriar Cove

December 11th: Melissa Wright – Shadow and Stone

December 12th: Grand Finale

Books on Tour

Who doesn’t love some #coverlove? 

Blogs Participating

So you’ll know who to blog hop 😀 

ACME Teen Books – Kids and Teens Too!Andi’s Book ReviewsAngel’s Guilty PleasuresBaroness’ Book TroveBeauty in the BindingBetter than RubiesCandrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and CharactersChristy’s Cozy CornersDaughter of IncreaseFaithLaneAuthorHallie ReadsHeidi Reads…J. L. MbeweJessica BelmontJorie Loves A StoryLibrary Lady’s Kid LitLocks, Hooks and BooksMy Life Loves and PassionNicole’s Book MusingsPaper Ink & LizardPaulette’s PapersReading Is My SuperPowerRemembrancyThe Rustic Reading Gal | We Write Fantasy | Wishful Endings

Tour Giveaway

1 winner will receive an Amazon Fire Tablet and a $50 Amazon eGift Card Open internationally (as long as winner is eligible to receive prizes) Ends December 16, 2019


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