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My book’s big day is finally here y’all! And just because I love you, I’m sharing an extra exclusive excerpt the rest of the blogverse won’t find. (Also, I’m the author 😉 If you want to dig deeper into the world of Silver Hollow, you can check out this page. Also, if you (preferably) read all the way to the bottom of this fantastical post, you’ll find the Raffle link. There’s still time to enter the big #giveaway! But first, let’s all ooh and ahh over this cover designed by Najla Qamber Designs!


what’s it all about?

In a single night of madness, Amie won the battle and lost the two people she loved most. As she struggles to be the queen her people need, her family band together against the hidden threat at their borders.

Haunted by the ghosts of her past, Amie strikes a pact with an ancient being called The Storyteller. In order to see Emrys again, they must put aside their blood feud, and cross the veil to a place of spirits and monsters.

Blackbriar Cove is a land where superstition and chaos reign, and spirits plague dreams. A dark curse has twisted the Unseelie who once lived in the home the Blackbriar twins vowed never to return. But death is not the end in Silver Hollow, and the war for the Borderlands has only begun.

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Extra Exclusive Excerpt



Faye couldn’t sleep. Not after all they had seen and done this day. 

Who had Amie and Drustan been running from and who’d dared to attack them past Nanny’s borders? What a stupid thing, attacking the Weaver’s home. Anyone in the Cove with a lick of sense would know better. 

The front door swept open harshly behind a gust of wind. The spirits were angry, still, it would seem, but they allowed Faye’s mother and Drustan to enter the Weaver’s cabin. 

Mama went straight to Pa with a whispered, “Cian? Wake up, adayehi.” 

Pa came awake with a jolt, his hands finding Mama’s before he was fully awake. “Star? Is Drustan with you?”

“Yes. Is Jessamiene all right?” 

“It’s done,” Pa answered. “Took them most of the night, but it’s done and they’re asleep on the girls’ bed.” Mama sank into Pa’s embrace. “You need to change out of those wet clothes and eat a bite, Star.”

“Not yet, Cian. Just hold me,” Mama whispered. 

Faye didn’t bother listening to more. Instead, she chewed on the ends of her plum shaded hair—an old habit Jo teased her for—and watched Drustan. He stood by the stone fireplace, broad shoulders hunched beneath his soaked coat. Would he come to see Amie? He had gone straight to the fire the moment he came in and seemed to struggle with putting himself together.

Faye was on her feet and crossing the room before she realized. She didn’t want to stop her feet from carrying her to the strange spirit’s side. He was so weary, she could tell, so tired. He had been running for so long. 

Faye pushed her hair aside and crossed her arms over her chest as she stood beside Drustan and watched the colorful flames dance in the hearth. The air around him was warmer, like the perfect summer day when the water in the spring is most inviting. Faye wanted to jump in. She wanted—

“Jessie?” Drustan’s voice cracked over the girl’s name. His daughter? 

Faye sucked in a breath and forced her father’s clunky tongue past her lips. “We wove her memories and her magic to a safer place. She won’t remember her past life anymore.” She pressed a hand to her dry throat. Saying the words made it feel more real, the cruel thing they did.

Drustan released a shuddering breath and leaned forward while glancing at Faye from the corner of his emerald eyes. “Thank you.” He watched her a moment longer, his spirit stirring and reaching to brush against hers once more. “What are you?”

Faye grinned. “I’m a Blackbriar. Are you a knight, like Pa?”

Drustan’s eyes widened while the right corner of his mouth lifted. “So you are Cian’s daughter.”

“I am Faye,” she chided with a slight shake of her head. Blackbriars traced their line in truth through the mother, but Drustan did not care to know this. Faye tapped a nail against her lips while looking more closely at the spirit. “What were you running away from?”

Drustan lifted his head and the gray smudges beneath his eyes seemed to dim as his skin glowed a faint silver like the moon. Anger stirred beneath his flesh and he shook his head, grip flexing against the fireplace mantle. 

Faye tilted her head, curious to face his wrath. Would it feel like the sun or a harsh winter’s breath? She had only ever known shadows and did not know what to make of his light. 

His voice trembled as he pushed his anger aside long enough to answer, “A lot of people want to destroy her like they once tried to destroy me.”

Faye took a step closer. “Where will you go?”

Drustan looked past Faye to the bed where her twin and Amie rested. “I don’t know. We cannot go back. Who would take us in with so many enemies?”

She followed his gaze and something welled up within her that tasted like faith. “We will.” She turned to find Drustan’s startled gaze and pressed on. “We’ve already given her our mark. This will protect her from anyone who wants to harm her. We can protect you too if you stay with us.”

She knew Jo would agree as soon as Faye explained, Nanny too. They would help Drustan and Amie, give them a home. Faye wanted to show them everything, the best swimming spots and where to run and how to find spirits. Jo could teach them to listen to the stars and how to breathe underwater. 

Drustan’s sad smile was still somehow blinding. He shone a bit brighter than before and Faye felt a bubble of happy purple push through her skin until she, too, glowed. 

“We will guard your Amie,” Faye vowed. 

Drustan’s left eyebrow quirked. “You are promising quite a lot to strangers you’ve only just met. I fear you don’t know what you’re saying, bellibone. We may not be able to stay for long since they know we are here.”

Faye reached to cover his hand on the mantle. “First of all, I’m much older than I look and I mean what I say. I’ll swear on whatever I have to and so will Jo, you will be safe with us, wherever we go.”

Drustan stared at her and opened his mouth once, twice before answering, “If you want to protect Jessamiene, you should learn how to be a knight.”

Faye squeezed his hand. “Do you promise?”

Drustan turned to face her fully and looked as though he’d never seen anything quite like her. 

It was true, she was much older than she looked, but she and her sister hadn’t worn mortal flesh before Grandmother wove them into being. She did not understand her blush or the thrill racing up her arm as he covered her hand with both of his. 

“I promise and accept your vow of fealty, Faye Blackbriar.”

Nanny had warned her of moments like these when a force she could not fight would pull her against the weaving. A power like Drustan and Amie possessed could shake the pattern in such a way the weaver could only alter their course. And was that truly so terrible, to change, to step beyond the cabin door or the Cove? Some things in this world were precious and so rare, they were worth fighting, even dying for. Powers that could rock the balance and change the fate of the world for good or evil.


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