Book Review: Road to Hope by Dena Jansen

Welcome to yet another fantastic book tour with Lone Star Book Blog Tours! I know what you may be thinking, and the answer is yes, I am very much back on the book blogging bandwagon 😉 Seriously, I’m just excited to give back to the writing community in this small way. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on a new memoir from speaker/entrepreneur, Dena Jansen. While I don’t know Dena personally, I can tell you she is one fantastic lady, and truly passionate about encouraging others to become their best selves. Road to Hope has a lot to offer, readers, so I hope you’re ready to learn more. But more on my thoughts and the giveaway later. Here’s a little info about the book!


by Dena Jansen

Genre: Memoir / Inspirational / Christian Life

Publication Date: November 15, 2019

Number of Pages: 240 pages

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Have you ever felt stuck? If so, you are not alone. As a 36-year-old wife, mother, and corporate executive, Dena Jansen’s life looked successful by society’s standards. But she found herself at an intersection—stranded at a real-life crossroads in her life.

Over a matter of years, darkness and doubt slowly crept in, leaving her unsure and unsettled in her life, marriage, and career. And after stalling out multiple times and nearly wrecking everything, she finally grabbed hold of a life-saving truth: 

She had a choice to make. She could stay stuck, or she could try and find new roads that would lead to the peace and joy she was looking for. 

With a glimmer of hope, Dena embraced the gifts of curiosity and grace and began a journey of self-discovery. And she chose to believe in a new truth: 

She was meant for more and could no longer settle. 

In Road to Hope, Dena invites you to join her as she wanders the roads she traveled and take anything you need from her story to help you in yours. She shares how she grew from a woman who doubted her path to one who is confident and ready for the next adventure. And she wants you to experience a similar shift. And more than that, she believes you can.


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3.5 of 5 Stars


Why isn’t it enough when we do finally get the right job, house, family, etc.? What are we truly searching for? Is it self-revelation, or something deeper and beyond ourselves? Author and Entrepreneur, Dena Jansen, seeks to answer these questions and more in her debut, Road to Hope.

I started reading, coincidentally, on a recent road trip and was quickly pulled in by Dena’s familiar story. From the outset, she shares the details of what should be a happy, easy-going life. Dena’s story begins as a hard-working professional, mother of two and wife to a “good ole boy” Texan farmer. They have financial security and a life of ease, but there is a glaring hole in Dena’s heart. Something big is missing and that just might be herself. It’s a common tale, the mother who has given so much to her family and career but lost herself somewhere in the process. I dare anyone beyond a certain age to deny they haven’t faced that same niggling voice, telling you there is more to life. There’s more to your potential than you’ve been settling for. As Dena says, we are “meant for more.”

I’m a big fan of this message, as I’ve faced echoes of Dena’s journey in my own life. However, there were many aspects I could not relate to. Especially as the author casually spoke of vacations and trainers and therapists, etc. Because while Jansen had the blessing of financial stability, most of my peers have struggled to finish degrees and support a family on what they thought they could rely on. The majority of my close family and friends get by paycheck to paycheck. So though I could relate and appreciated the message Dena eloquently shares, it was frustrating for me personally at times. 

However, I feel I should say that while this was my personal experience while reading Road to Hope, don’t let it sway your opinion. Not every book is for every reader, and I know there are many of you who will find Jansen’s message of hope hits you exactly where you’re at. There is much within Road to Hope to glean from. I especially loved how Jansen brought her story back around time and again to faith, hope, and love. Because, really, isn’t that what life’s all about? In our darkest, on our worst days, those three pillars will always be there for us to lean on.

While there were aspects of Road to Hope that I didn’t mesh with, there is much to glean from Dena Jansen’s memoir. Dena’s is a story that fits so many people who have felt marginalized or unheard. It’s a calling we’re drawn to pursue, a need to find not only ourselves but our place in this beautiful disaster of a world. We each get one life to live and give back in, and from what I’ve read, Jansen is here to trailblaze the unknown. If you’re lucky and have the courage to face your personal truth, she just might take you along with her. 

**I was provided with a copy of Road to Hope by the author and this is my voluntary and honest review.**




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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Road to Hope by Dena Jansen

    1. Thank you! I try to be honest but I’m very aware books will hit different people in different ways. But I thought the writing extremely well done and think this author has a bright career ahead!


  1. Thank you so much did your kind, open and real experience with Road to Hope! It’s an honor to see how the book resonates with readers. You are exactly right that every part of our lives won’t line up exactly, but in the things that matter…faith, hope, love, dreams and courage…we can find we are much the same!

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