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Welcome back to the #FantasyforChristmas21 tour! I’ve been very excited to share today’s post with you all, because I get to feature one of my best friends and fellow author, Melissa Wright. For those of you who may not know the story, I reached out to Melissa after I’d published my first novella, Qeya. I had no clue what to do when it came to Indie publishing, but Melissa was one of a few authors out there and doing it. Not only that, but being successful and lovely at the same time 🙂 I say lovely, because when I sent her a fanletter on Goodreads (back when everyone was chatting there still) and asked for advice, Melissa wrote me back right away.

Years later, we have been penpals for almost ten years, through thick and thin. There have been many times when I have mostly had to give up, but Melissa Wright reminds me what it is to perservere. No matter what she has going on in life, Mel keeps writing, keeps creating, and keeps inspiring me to do better 🙂 Mel, I’m so excited for this third book in your Ink & Shadows trilogy, and cannot wait to read it! Especially because while Frey may be my favorite of your series, the Ink & Shadows trilogy has blown me away with it’s brilliance. Keep writing, friend!

Okay, enough gushing, you’re here to learn about her latest book, and because you want to enter the giveaway below, right? 😉 

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Melissa Wright - Beneath Stone and Sacrificer

Beneath Stone and Sacrifice
(Between Ink and Shadows, #3)
By Melissa Wright
Epic Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook
February 26, 2022

An outcast queen. A stolen crown. A war with magic.

Magical contracts, blood-debt accountants, and a deadly game. An epic fantasy with regency flair, an improper and slightly stabby heroine with a penchant for trouble, clean, slow burn romance, and a dark and twisty plot that pits magic against kings, love against power, and a gothic underworld against a kingdom built on lies. Perfect for fans of Sorcery of Thorns and The Shadows Between Us.
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character art by @za.ra_h on instagram


Rhen leaned forward on the fireplace iron as if it were a cane. “Nimona, my dear, you do see that I have just saved you from certain peril, do you not?” He gestured vaguely toward Wes with his chin. “Though the boy might be able to prevent a direct attack by magic, he certainly has no power to keep a serpent from puncturing your precious skin.”
“As if it were not you putting the serpents in my path in the first place.” She let the full force of her disgust seep into her tone.
Rhen sighed. “No faith.” He straightened, tossing the iron to land with a clatter near the wall, then showed his hands in a gesture apparently meant to prove his innocence. “Of course it was not I who placed the serpent in this desk. What would I have to gain from such an act?”
She opened her mouth, but no response found its way out. Rhen had drawn his magic back, had kept his intimations safely out of her head. It felt as if he might be telling the truth, though she wasn’t fool enough to trust it.
He tapped his nose. “Yes, there, you see. My best play is to stay safely on the gameboard. Warrick knows it, as well as the rest.”
“Calum was in a cell when the snakes began popping up in my path.”
He shook his head. “You are cleverer than that. There are far more involved than just my brothers and me.” He gave a distasteful glance at the pieces of snake. “Though, to be fair, it’s likely you’re right that this was one of his.” His eyes met hers again, something like concern behind their playful glint. “You have made quite an enemy of Calum. I can tell you from experience, he does not take well to being outmaneuvered.”
Excerpted from Beneath Stone and Sacrifice by Melissa Wright. Copyright © 2022 by Melissa Wright.

Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

Melissa is the author of more than a dozen YA and fantasy novels, including The Frey Saga and SEVEN WAYS TO KILL A KING. She is currently working on the next book and encourages readers to stay updated on works in progress at Instagram and Twitter.

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