Facing the Unexpected

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Hello, friend, I hope you’re ready to get real with me today. I promise this won’t run too long. But as I’m struggling to surface above another deep-water hiatus, I wanted to share a bit about my recent life & writing journey.

A quick recap of this past month: 

  1. My aunt suddenly passed on St. Paddy’s Day, leaving my family in shock.
  2. My doctor told me I’m not only anemic (which explains a lot of my recent issues) but would also need to test for gestational diabetes.
  3. My body did not react well to the test, and I spent the past week testing my blood sugar at home 4 times a day.

It always seems to come in three’s, doesn’t it? There were several weeks (most of March) when I could barely think about my day job and looking after my boy, let alone writing or reading and reviewing. From past experience, I knew I’d come out of the fog. I know that grief is strange and different for each person. Every loss I’ve experienced has hit me in different ways. And I’m not sure if I’ve fully processed this most recent loss yet. Especially when I was also bombarded with health concerns so close to the end of my pregnancy. The good news, is both anemia and gestational diabetes are very manageable with the right medicine and dieting. I was already a mostly healthy person, my body just couldn’t process things as well with baby this time, apparently. So I’m being careful and mindful and doing my best to take each day at a time.

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Meanwhile, I’ve been preparing to release my first new book in three years. After two years of non-stop craziness in my real day-to-day life, I decided to make Blackbriar Cove happen in 2022. I had no idea what was to come (besides giving birth to our girl this May!). But I knew if I put it off any longer, if I waited because of money or life concerns, the days and opportunities would pass me by again. Even if I publish these next two sequels to Silver Hollow and don’t see an uplift or turnaround for my writing career, I still will count this as a big win.

I think after the past two years we’ve all had, each of us needs a big win in our corner. Something we can look at and be reminded that there can be good to come from the bad. And while life isn’t perfect, I’m lucky enough to have several things to be thankful for this year.

Here’s a more positive recap:

  1. My mom’s post-cancer op treatments have been going well, and she’s still cancer-free.
  2. My baby will more than likely be born on my mom’s birthday this May.
  3. I get to release not one, but two books this year.

Number three seems so much smaller in the grand scheme of things. But I’ve always been hardwired to create. I find so much joy in creating and sharing with you. The creative process and giving the gift of escape to all of you helps me to look beyond my own issues and struggles. And when life is complicated (when isn’t it?) or difficult, creating offers me that extra bit of drive we all need to “just keep swimming.”

While I’d love to say I have hard-charge plans for the May 12th release of Blackbriar Cove, I’ll still mostly be focused on baby prep + keeping healthy. So the plan is to keep things simple (aka manageable) and try to enjoy the rest of my 2022 journey.

Wherever you’re at today, I hope and pray you are also seizing your good moments, and treading through the bad. If times have or continue to be tough, know there’s always good coming ahead. Sometimes we have to reach for it, but sometimes good finds us.

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    1. It really is a rollercoaster. I’m ready for one of those in-between flat tracks next lol. Thank you so much for your kind words, and your congratulations ❤ I hope you have a wonderful May!


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