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Yay! It's finally happening! That last phrase might sound familiar as I mentioned in a former post I was finally signing on with publishing company, 4WORD press. I can't begin to wax and wan on how wonderful that team is. Instead you'll have to check them out for yourselves and join in the blog tour.... Continue Reading →

It Happened

After two years of discovering the underground world of Indy publishing, and meeting some stellar authors, bloggers and readers, it's happened. A few weeks ago, I signed two of my series with a brand-spanking-new publishing company called 4wordpress! A few months ago I toyed with the idea of going "traditional" as they call it. But... Continue Reading →

Stay: A Prologue

Today I'm sharing the very beginning of my book with y'all. In part because I wrote the prologue of Stay years before fleshing out the novel. She walks amid the soft gray mist, the fog that rises up from the dew-softened earth. Her lover’s arms wrap round her, draw her to his broad chest, and... Continue Reading →

MoLove: Quotes

"She had seen the almost-human Orona, who was orphaned and alone in the world, a woman whom Cain had plucked off the streets and fallen in love with. What she didn’t see was the undead creature Cain barely knew, the foolish human girl who fell in love with the caretaker of the seas. She hadn’t... Continue Reading →

Stay: Inspiration & Roswell

When I started writing "Stay," I didn't have a good title for it. I called it "Love Story" for the longest time. Here's the song that gave me the idea. If you aren't a Roswell fan, this vid won't make sense. Beware of spoilers!

It’s A Love Story… No, not a love song written by Taylor Swift. I'm talking about my novel, "Stay." It's your typical formula. A girl and a guy fall in love. Obstacles arise and you are left to wonder if they will triumph in the name of love, or fall like Romeo & Juliet. This month, I'm going... Continue Reading →

February, Loves & Cliche’s: P1

It's about to be February, a month that our culture has conveniently transformed into another holiday "event." Go figure... This month is markedly different for me. For the first time in my life, I'm sharing Valentines Day with my boyfriend. What a wonderful, crazy thing!Falling in love was the last thing on my mind this... Continue Reading →

RomCon, Writing & Other News

For those of you who already saw this on my facebook, I apologize ahead of time, lol. But I just wanted to make sure everyone was up to date on some cool things that have been happening lately. Most recently, I put up my novel Stay as part of a giveaway for Gliterary Girl's Summer... Continue Reading →

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