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If you saw my Facebook post recently, I hinted at the many exciting things that are soon to come! Some might say there is no excuse to not update a website in nearly a month, but I can offer solid proof otherwise. Exhibit A being that I'm getting married very soon. So you can imagine... Continue Reading →

Never would have guessed a year ago in my singleness that a year later I'd spend this day watching The Notebook in an old theater with my own Noah. To all you single gals who never thought it would happen and still don't believe. Here is living proof. 🙂 Love you all!

Stay was inspired in greater part by my love for the sea. My best friends, the twins, and I would draw and paint mermaids when we were younger and give them different back stories and different oceans to live in. We often played like we were mermaids in their swimming pool an some of my... Continue Reading →

Stay: Inspiration & Roswell

When I started writing "Stay," I didn't have a good title for it. I called it "Love Story" for the longest time. Here's the song that gave me the idea. If you aren't a Roswell fan, this vid won't make sense. Beware of spoilers!

Thursday Goals

Smile genuinely at work, not because it's part of your jobWrite, whether it's an article or a paragraph in a storyWork out through the painRead the Bible, because it's new every timeLove my love with all my heartDon't be afraid to extend that love to othersAnd let's face it, everybody really needs some loveNow it's... Continue Reading →

Make Your Mark

New Holidays, new year approaching, new chances to make our mark. I don't know what it is about us humans that makes us want to start over with the new year. But it's certainly on everyone's mind. What's your resolution going to be? Write a little more, fight the demon of procrastination? I know for a fact... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

Sometimes it's good to hold to time-honored traditions. One of mine is to give y'all a snippet of something I've been working on. Tonight, I thought I'd share a bit of something you won't see for a while. For now, enjoy the sneak peak! 909 a.d Pressing my fists to my ears I tried vainly... Continue Reading →

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