Black Lion Tours Hosts: STAY book blast!

So I know we just got done with the big Silver Hollow tour, and I hope y'all enjoyed your time in Wenderdowne. But now, we're starting a new Book Blast with Black Lion Book Tours, for my New Adult paranormal romance, "Stay." Here's the first stop on the main website and the blog, "I Am... Continue Reading →

#32,33 Last Tour Stops!

(Once Upon A Book) delivers a sweeping and probably the most legit review I've ever received, lol. I love it when people put their thoughts into the worlds I too have spent considerable time in, but "Goblin Queen" went above and beyond. Many thanks to her sparkling, descriptive and enticing words! Last in our tour,... Continue Reading →


Happy Resurrection Day, as we call it 🙂 Was the perfect traditional Easter Sunday for me with church, family and food and then sleep haha. Oh, mustn't forget chocolate! Thank you dark chocolate, peanut M&M's :DFirst up, we have a spotlight on "A Bibliophile's Thoughts" and then a review at "Books and their Worldly Realm." Have a... Continue Reading →

#23&24 A Review and an Interview

It's still a funny/strange thing for me to see an interview featuring me on someone else's blog. I'm still in that world of newbie-authoress land, where I'm oohing and ahing over all the awesome Indie's out there and the bloggers who help make things happen. As the tables start shifting, I can only hope to... Continue Reading →

#17&18 Tour Stops

Though a couple sites apparently dropped out of the running, I do have two more loverly blogs for y'all to check out! Thanks so much to them for posting about Silver Hollow and hosting the giveaway. And thanks so much to everyone who has commented and spread the word :DThe first is at a cute... Continue Reading →


Today's posts are both interviews 🙂 Click the links to learn more about Silver Hollow magic, Amie's past and get a chance to sign up for the giveaway! 10 ebooks +10 paperbacks up for grabs 😀 See y'all in Wenderdowne!

#4Shandy Jo showcases Silver Hollow, and another little post I wrote, this time about how Silver Hollow came to be. Come have a gander for yourselves!And if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the giveaway at: Happy reading! 

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