#32,33 Last Tour Stops!

(Once Upon A Book) delivers a sweeping and probably the most legit review I’ve ever received, lol. I love it when people put their thoughts into the worlds I too have spent considerable time in, but “Goblin Queen” went above and beyond. Many thanks to her sparkling, descriptive and enticing words!

Silver Hollow Button 2  300 x 225Last in our tour, we hear from a friend of mine, “I know that Book’s Reviews,” where she divy’s up her opinion on SH. It was fun reading Rhomy’s thought’s because I was already friends with her. And what’s ironic about her finishing the tour with me, is that I’m beginning the next one with her as well!

She has her own Book Tour company called Black Lion Tours, and y’all should check it out, beginning April 8th! We’re going to be diving into Stay, a paranormal mythical romance about forgiveness, woe and love, above all things.


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